Remanufacturing quality


Timely remanufacturing 
- efficient and safe

Competition in transport and logistics is immense. Cost of repairs and maintenance can make a significant difference and every cost saving is a step forward. Timely installed repaired C-R injectors and fuel pump in this context can have a positive effect on favorable fuel consumption, emissions and the reliability of the engine, and thus the vehicle. Such repaired C-R components are an excellent and safe choice for all commercial vehicles - buses, trucks, but also a large number of personal vehicles. Original repaired parts and components cover all models of commercial and cargo, and most personal program with a 12-month warranty, as well as a new product.


Positive effect on 
the environment

• Reliability of an original built in product,
• Shortened waiting period with efficient delivery,
• Competitiveness at a reasonable cost with top quality,
• Contribution to environmental protection; far less row material is spent for remanufacturing than for the production of new, and in the process of remanufacturing the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced for 70% compared to the production of a new product.


Quality is our primary objective

When our authorised Bosch specialists repair a common-rail injector or a common-rail injection pump, the repaired part is labelled by a special proof of quality.
Common rail injectors (CRI) and common rail injection pumps (CP) are labelled by special adhesive repair ID labels. Common-rail injectors for commercial vehicles (CRIN) are marked and identified using repair ID clips.

In Bosch terms, quality means:

  • Certified testing equipment,

  • Specific, Bosch-approved, repair and testing procedures,

  • Original Bosch test data and genuine spare parts,

  • Warranty for repairs,

  • Comprehensive staff training by Bosch.

quality scan

QualityScan by Bosch

Free Bosch QualityScan app is available for donwload at (iOS version) or (Android version)

1. Download and install the app
2. Scan the part code
3. Browse part information

Try it for yourself

Use QualityScan app to scan a repair ID label on a diesel part or visit QualityScan web site. By using QualityScan, Bosch repairs of injectors or injection pumps can be checked easily and conveniently.

Part information may be entered into the database only upon thorough testing of compliance with Bosch standards. To use full benefi ts, please download the free QualityScan app in Apple Store or Google Play Store and install. Scan the code on the label to retrieve and display comprehensive information on the parts. Alternatively, the information can be retrieved by visiting QualityScan web site and entering information found on repair ID label.